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1. The purpose of the referral policy is to reward any existing employee in the event an external applicant they have introduced to the Company commences employment with they have introduced to the Company commences employment.

2. We recognize that the process to identify, select and appoint the best candidates for some positions within IRT can be a long, expensive and complex process. We seek therefore to supplement our existing sources of quality candidates with recommendations from existing staff. The referral policy is therefore an additional aid to effective recruitment and is designed to support Equal Opportunity policies and practices.

3. The management and monitoring of the Referral Policy lies with the Head of HR and it will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that it supports the needs of the business and the employees. Responsibility for the communication to existing and future employees lies with the HR Department.

4. The policy applies to all permanent employees of IRT, with the exception of the Recruiting Manager/Hiring Manager, and the responsible person within the HR Department, for the particular position. Directors and Heads of Service are excluded from this policy regardless where the vacancy may lie in the Company.

5. This Policy will only apply to the recommendation of external applicants who are not already working within IRT; for example, individuals who are currently employed on a contractual basis by SLC will be excluded.

1. The decision to apply a referral fee will be agreed prior to advertising the vacancy(s) between HR and the recruiting manager. The appropriate application form will be submitted to Corporate Management Team for approval.

2. The precise amount of the referral fee relating to the vacancy advertised will be approved by Corporate Management Team prior to publication, thereafter, the referral fee is non-negotiable.

3. Any permanent employee of IRT who recommends an individual who is subsequently employed to fill a vacancy which has arisen within the Company will be eligible for the Fee (a payment made to reward the referring employee). They will receive the current amount payable in circumstances where the recommended individual is employed by IRT and remains with the Company for a period of twelve months. 50% will be payable to the individual on completion of 3 months service with the remaining 50% paid on completion of twelve months service. To receive the Fee, the referring employee must still be employed by the Company at the time the payment is due to be made. Where the value of the Fee has changed within the 12-month period, the value at the time the referred individual commenced employment with IRT will apply.
4. Only CVs submitted for a specific vacancy, or speculative CV's which are ultimately assigned to a specific vacancy, will be eligible for the Fee. The HR Department will retain all Finders Fee Forms on file until the vacancy has been filled. It is therefore important that referring employees complete a Finders Fee Form every time they make a referral, even when referring the same individual for another vacancy.

5. Existing employees who have identified a suitable candidate for a particular vacancy which has arisen within the Company and which has been advertised internally should pass on the individuals CV to the HR Department (e-mail address: hr@inforide.com) together with an Employee Referral Form.

6. All applications submitted via this route will be considered no differently from any other applications submitted for the position.

7. In the event that more than one IRT employee recommends the same person, the referral fee will be paid to the employee who lodged the recommendation with the HR Department first.

8. No fee will be paid if the above process is not followed.

9 The HR Department will notify the employee who lodged the recommendation if their referral has been successful after they have commenced employment with IRT.

10. All offers of employment will be made subject to the normal conditions of receiving satisfactory references. The employee who has recommended the applicant will not be deemed as an appropriate referee for these purposes.

11. The referral fee will be paid for permanent full-time positions. No fee will be paid for placements for fixed-term or contractor positions.

12. Payments will be paid for each successful recommendation. The fee paid is subject to tax deductions.

13. Individuals who are involved in the decision making process of any selection process will not be eligible for any referral payment.

14 The Referral Policy will be highlighted to new employees during the course of their induction period.

15. If subsequent to the new employee starting with IRT they should leave after the 3 and 12 month payments have been made, no callback will be applied to the employee who recommended them in the first instance.

16. No limit is made to the number of referral fees paid to IRT employees, provided they meet the above criteria.  
Please Note: IRT Management reserves the right to withdraw this policy at any time.
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