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 (Requirements Management System)
Inforide ReqMan is a collaborative, requirements management and analysis application.
 (H R Management System)
It is the most comprehensive workforce management solution that would be available from a single
IRT Enterprise Portal
It is a flexible, web-based Desktop which integrates all Inforide applications into a single user experience.
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About Us
irt portal IRT Enterprise Portal The IRT Enterprise Portal is the heart of the Inforide Technologies. It is a flexible, web-based Desktop which integrates all Inforide applications into a single user experience. By aggregating all kind of information sources and applications the IRT Enterprise Portal ensures that the experience starts always with fresh and up to date information tailored for the information needs for every user.

The users get all information they need at a glance: The Enterprise Portal builds the pages from small independent pieces of information - the so called Portlets. A Portal Pages can therefore include Portlets from various sources e.g. information directly managed within
enterprise (e.g. latest HR policies, quality assurance manuals), information from existing systems (like Client Agreements, Vendor Agreements, H1B petitions etc.).

IRT Enterprise Portal enables your customers, vendors, business partners and employees to directly access relevant business information and conduct business transactions through personalized, role-based portals via the Internet. With IRT Enterprise Portal, you can increase the speed of doing business while driving down costs. IRT Enterprise Portal streamlines business processes and extends the reach of information within the enterprise and between business partners. Enterprise Portal helps reduce business costs and manual paperwork by using the Internet to connect employees and business partners. It offers anytime, anywhere access to back-office information and functionality to those in your business community. IRT Enterprise Portal allows you to provide quick and affordable information access to all employees across the enterprise and others in the business community. This ensures more efficient and effective distribution of information resulting in more profitable business decisions. With Enterprise Portal, you can reach out to new clients easily and efficiently.
Key Features:
A- Contacts - Contacts can be created in 3 different levels:

User Directory: The User directory helps knowledge workers to access other users information viz., Name, the group they belong to, contact information, e-mail of the users who access the application across the enterprise.

Vendors: Vendor Directory helps the employees to create and maintain important information viz., name of the Vendor, department (point of Contact), Registration number/Federal-ID number, and their website-URL.

Consultants: Consultants address book helps the employees to create consultants address books. The users can record, manage, and disperse important information for each address record including telephone numbers, email addresses, status of the consultant, and comment (Discussions with consultant last had by the employee).

B - ToDo:
ToDo service assists the employees to continuously develop and maintain a task that needs that needs to be attended. ToDo created by a consultant is cited as Issue Management as it has stringent deadlines or priorities.

C - Notes: Notes serve as a mode of communication mechanism for employees across the organization.

D- Doc Manager:
Doc Manager helps in providing a centralized hub that enables the employees to store files in an organized manner for easy management. Doc Manager includes version control, file locking mechanism to facilitate efficient collaborative work on all company documents

E- Timesheets:
Timesheet service provides the employees in an organization to log number of hours of work in a specified week/month.

F - Projects
This application provides Project Management that allows employees to create projects with responsible members, timelines. This feature helps to facilitate attachment of documents for further reference of project members.

G - Downloads:
This service enables the login personnel to download the documents that are relevant to them. For instance, if a person logs in, all the documents that are relevant to the employees privilege will be displayed. Based on his requirement the user can download the documents. This service would enable the company to have a single repository from where the employees/consultants/vendors can download documents that are relevant to them.

H - Project Information sheet:
This service enables the employee to create the place where the consultant is working who his client his the terms in the contract and the duration of contract along with pay rate.

I - Agreements: -
This service enables the employee to give the details of the contract in a specified form and on submission of the form the application automatically creates the contract in a predefined format. IRT Enterprise Portal enables teams in the organization follow or create high-value repeatable processes to complete the work leading to high quality results and better ROI.

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