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 (Requirements Management System)
Inforide ReqMan is a collaborative, requirements management and analysis application.
 (H R Management System)
It is the most comprehensive workforce management solution that would be available from a single
IRT Enterprise Portal
It is a flexible, web-based Desktop which integrates all Inforide applications into a single user experience.
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About Us
Requirements Management system ReqMan (Requirements Management System) - Inforide ReqMan is a collaborative, requirements management and analysis application. It communicates the appropriate goals and deliverables of a project to diverse team members so they can work together on ever changing requirements and requirements and needs.ReqMan enables members in a team to share and manage information with speed and flexibility. ReqMan rich implementation of requirements capture, traceability, has intelligent reporting parameters and its process driven approach allows teams to effectively manage an evolving set of requirements.
ReqMan assist corporate and non-corporate recruiters to maintain and manage their requirements and resumes. ReqMan also has features like importing and parsing. Parsing feature extracts the candidate details based on the extracted details it segregates any number of resumes automatically and save the candidate information in to the ReqMan Database. Similarly, importing feature extracts the candidate details segregates the resume based on the candidate details and saves the candidate information in to ReqMan database.
ReqMan Requirements Management promotes quality through a number of key features, one of which is traceability - the linking of related information. Through traceability, Requirements Management simplifies the impact assessment of changes to objectives and needs. It also validates the implementation of low-level specifications by demonstrating how they satisfy higher-level requirements. By raising the profile of requirements across an enterprise, Requirements Management increases communication and collaboration. It ensures that all stakeholders have access to the common business objectives that drive the enterprise, or the customer needs. With ReqMan, supervisors gain the ability to track the status by monitoring the progress of work being done to meet the requirements and ensure successful delivery of quality results.
ReqMan enables members in a team to quickly accumulate, and share information with others within a secure and universally accessible application. ReqMan addresses the existing bottle necks by automating processes thereby positively effecting productivity and ROI. ReqMan provides a competitive advantage through its ability to deliver flexibility and speed and reaching multiple touch points all within an integrated, consistent and reliable architectural environment. This approach facilitates decision-making concerning all the constituents across an enterprise touch points - customers, business partners, vendors, consultants and employees. The following are some of the key benefits of ReqMan
Shared Requirements Repository Create requirements in an editor or upload them from existing Excel or Word documents. Enter business requirements, and track them through its complete lifecycle.

Communication & CollaborationReqMan enables organizations to collaborate through context based threaded discussions, and document management.

Usability User Interface allows you to create unique Forms and Views for different groups to enter requirements, thereby enabling them to use the system in a manner that is meaningful to them.

Provides mechanism for intelligent reporting.

Process Improvement & Automation
Implement and automate any methodology or process

Administration & Security
Security privileges can be set at extremely granular levels both at user and group levels.
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