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About Us
Inforide offers the following IT outsourcing engagement models to our clientele. Our clientele can choose from any one of the generally accepted engagement models below, or a combination of them. More importantly, Inforide personnel work with you to customize an engagement model that will address your organization's unique business needs.
  • Fixed Price Model
  • Time & Material Model
  • Build, Operate & Transfer Model
  • Joint Venture Model

Any of these engagement models can be applied to our suite of outsourced IT services and solutions for better feasibility and faster ROI.  

Fixed Price Model
With the fixed price model, Inforide and its client will agree on a set duration and cost for the assigned project. The client's predictable results and benefits, leaving no room for surprises in the middle of the contract.

This model is best suited for projects of low-to-medium levels of complexity, where Inforide and the client know exactly what they want and exactly how to get it done. This model is ideal for projects with specific documentation and adequate details, enabling Inforide to complete it within the specified timeframe. However, this leaves little room for changes or modifications during the project development process, and this also assumes clients availability to give comprehensive and timely feedback during each phase of the development lifecycle.

Benefits include the predictability of client's costs and schedule, as well as minimal exposure to risk. However, all these are hinged on the business's ability to prepare for the project in great detail and to anticipate various risk factors that may affect the project's success. In this model, the more detailed the preparation, the smoother and faster the execution.

Time and Material
Model With the time and material engagement, the costs and schedule will vary depending on the specific requirements and on the complexity of the project. This gives maximum flexibility and also allows one to make substantial revisions to the project requirements even during the development lifecycle.

Best for projects of medium-to-high levels of complexity, where specifications may evolve as the SDLC. The objective of this model is to find the right solution to a specific business challenge, and not to rely on pre-packaged, catch- all solutions that may not work in the long run.

Benefits include full access to Inforide's wide range of expertise in various IT solutions and services, as well as the assurance that the final solution offered is the best solution for the particular need. However, this assumes that the organization has the resource flexibility to accommodate changes in project scope, cost, and duration.
Build, Operate & Transfer Model
In this model, Inforide offers an opportunity to maximize its technical expertise while still enabling its clients to manage their own IT organization.

Inforide will set up client infrastructure and manage the resources and ensure the transfer of technical and management expertise, and register a new offshore entity under the client's name -- if required. This allows our clients to establish and to run a professional organization that has been trained by experts and professionals with a track record of integrity, excellence, and success.

Best for organizations that are looking to establish offshore development facilities in India and would need the expertise of a tried-and-tested organization such as Inforide to jumpstart its operations.

Benefits include maximum flexibility in operating and managing own IT infrastructure, while minimizing the risk factors associated with setting up technology start-ups. It enables our clients to focus on their core business while building the IT capability and expertise that will allow them to expand operations and to cater to a broader market in a rapid manner.

Joint Ventures Model
In this model, Inforide offers unparalleled strength and enables its clients to maximize the strengths of the stakeholders. Through this, our clients have the opportunity to be part of a new organization that will tap emerging markets, serve a broader client base, and gain access to technical expertise that you may not be able to get anywhere else.

Best for organizations that want to meet the challenge of serving innovative technology needs of a large market base, with the expertise and the resources of an organization that has already served a wide clientele worldwide.

Benefits include maximum flexibility in operating and managing own IT infrastructure, while building the IT capability and expertise that allows to expand its operations and cater to a broader market.
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